Beko Baby USA

Your baby only grows up once, take care of those little feet.


Classic Style meets Modern Innovation

Beko Baby merges a timeless shoe style with a clever and easy-to-use zipper closure system.

The under-arch zipper runs 180 degrees from one side, under the shoe to the other side.  This unique access thereby allows a parent to quickly and easily slide their child's foot in.  Once you try a pair you won't want anything else.

Developing Feet need a Healthy Environment

Flexibility is one of the most important elements of a child’s shoe.

A shoe that allows the foot freedom of movement is critical for the infant taking his or her very first steps, as well as for the toddler who runs, jumps, and climbs all day long.  The two-part outer sole on Beko Baby shoes facilitates this constant and dynamic movement whilst ensuring comfort.



Thoughtful Design, Quality Construction

Beko Baby shoes are a beautiful marriage of functional design and craftsmanship.  There is nothing extraneous, just a handful of simple elements which come together to create the perfect first-walker shoe.

  • Handmade:  Every shoe is assembled and finished by hand.
  • Outer Body:  Made of luxuriously soft and durable Italian leather, which permits proper contouring to the foot and also allows the foot to breathe.
  • Outer sole:  Extraordinarily flexible in all directions, and provides excellent traction to greatly reduce risk of slips and falls. 
  • Inner sole:  Features an orthopedic cushion which helps to support proper bone development.
  • Zipper closure:  A leather lining runs beneath the zipper, on the inside of the shoe, protecting small feet from irritation and discomfort. 
  • Bootie style:  Coverage of the base of the ankles increases support and protection.


Watch our video to see the shoe in action...


Our Story


The summer of 2014 we were on vacation in Bulgaria visiting family.  Our little daughter had just turned one year old and she was about to take her first steps.  We didn’t have walking shoes for her yet, so we went into the local children’s shoe store and bought the recommended “first walker” shoes by Beko Baby.  We hadn’t heard of the brand before, and were both impressed with the innovative design.  But it wasn’t until we returned to the States and had to buy a new pair of shoes (baby feet grow fast!) that we realized how special the Beko Baby shoes are.  We spent hours online trying to find something similar in quality and design, but couldn’t find anything even close.  

After doing some research about the brand we discovered that Beko Baby shoes have been in production for more than 20 years in Bulgaria.  They are one of the most popular “first walker” shoe brands in the country, and are even recommended by pediatricians there.  It was clear to us that we had found an incredibly unique product.  We fell in love with the brand, and decided that we should try to bring it to the American market.

our little family

our little family

The Beko Baby company is a family-owned and operated business.  The shoes are crafted almost entirely by hand using the highest quality materials, and are produced in small batches with care and passion just as they have been for over two decades.

We are thrilled to be working with this company, to be on this journey, and we look forward to seeing many tiny feet wrapped in these wonderful Beko Baby shoes.

-Atanas Delchev & Tara Tona,
Owners, Beko Baby USA


The Expert Opinion



Doctor Kaludova was kind enough to give us her personal recommendation for the Beko Baby shoe brand.

Nina Raikova Kaludova, MD, graduated with a degree in medicine in 1979, with a specialty diploma in the field of physical and rehabilitation medicine in 1987. We present her educated opinion with regard to the importance of the healthiness of a child’s foot, as well as the benefits of the innovative and podiatric Beko Baby shoes.

dr nina kaludova
“The main goal during the child’s fourth trimester is for him to take his first steps. That usually occurs between the ninth and the fourteenth month.  During this time a child’s feet are easily susceptible to deformation, therefore making the correct choice for shoes can prevent future issues with walking. The appropriate shoes for your child should be:
  • Neither too tight, nor too loose
  • Made of natural leather and with natural lining
  • With thick, non-slippery and elastic soles
  • With a solid rear part made of thicker natural leather that supports the heel
  • With a loose, rounded front part and a tip that supports the big toes
  • Easy to put on
The innovative zipper on Beko Baby shoes encompasses the lower part of the sole and allows for the shoe to be almost split in half, which makes it better for the movement of the child's foot.  When it comes to the proper formation of the foot's arch, between the child's first and fourth years, it is crucial for the child to wear shoes that both support the instep and allow significant movement of the foot, which will prevent deformation and flat footedness.  The most natural way for a child's feet to develop is when they are barefoot.  The next best thing to that is a well-fitting, low-heeled, elastic shoe, exactly like the Beko Baby shoes."